All Clinix mommies will find all the information they need to have a worry-free pregnancy and a healthy and happy start to their babies first days. Browse through the pictures of our newest family members, they are too cute not to love!


A Maternity Cash Package

For Mothers-To-Be

Here’s your opportunity to get first-class care for the birth of your child. Clinix Health Group is offering a special maternity package.

Package Includes

  • 1 Day normal delivery & 2 days post delivery care
  • Free mother and baby pack
  • Photo of your baby on our beautiful frame
  • Free birth Certificate registration

Payment can be made over six months prior to delivery.

To find out more about our LAY-BYE option call our accounts department. For bookings please call any of our Clinix hospital maternity wards.



During the first and third trimester of your pregnancy, you will be likely to experience fatigue. Although exercise can help with this it is also important that you get enough rest.

Try to take a 30-60 minute nap every day and avoid exercising late in the day or evening. Visit your Clinix Mother & Baby Wellness Centre to find out more about relaxation techniques and advice.

First Trimester (week 1 – week 12)

  • As the embryo grows into a foetus, major organs begin to develop
  • Spinal cord and brain formation takes place
  • Heartburn, mood swings, nausea and fatigue are common  symptoms
  • Your breasts may be tender and nipples tend to darken
  • You may discover the need to urinate more frequently as your  uterus enlarges

Second Trimester (week 13 – week 28)

  • You can have an ultrasound to reveal the baby’s sex
  • Your baby will start to develop hair and nails
  • You will start feeling your baby move
  • Your belly expands as the baby grows
  • You may experience swelling and body aches

Third trimester (week 29 – week 40)

  • You will feel your baby ‘kicking’
  • You may start to experience contractions
  • At 37 weeks a baby is considered to be ‘full term’
  • Your breasts may be tender and produce colostrum