Johannesburg, Wednesday, 9 October 2019 – Following the success of the inaugural South African Health Excellence Awards in 2018, Clinix Health Group, in partnership with the South African Clinician Scientists Society will host the second South African Health Excellence Awards in recognition of the country’s leading researchers, scientists, doctors and other medical professionals. The awards will take place on the 23 November 2019 at the Emperors Palace in Johannesburg. CEO of Clinix Health Group, Dr Khamane ‘Kop’ Matseke says that the awards will celebrate excellence in healthcare by identifying leaders in a range of categories who have contributed to research, teaching and advancement of medicine in South Afric

“South Africa has always inspired the world with its medical advances, the most famous of which is the world’s first heart transplant in December 1967. In another world first, a medical team from the Wits Donald Gordon Medical Centre announced early in October 2018 that it had, successfully transplanted a liver from an HIV positive mother to an HIV negative baby. A year later the baby remains HIV negative,” says, Dr Matseke, adding that “the Health Excellence Awards are inspired by the intellectual prowess, tenacity and endurance of South Africa’s human capital in the medical space – people who do excellent work for the people of the country, and the world over.”

To this end, the Awards celebrate excellence in various categories including,

President of the South African Clinicians Society, Professor Salome Maswime says: “We launched the South African Health Excellence Awards in 2018, because we felt that there is a need to acknowledge the talent and accomplishments of doctors and other clinicians in South Africa. We find that so many people are doing such amazing work in improving healthcare and also doing ground-breaking research. However, there aren’t enough platforms to celebrate the excellence that we see. This is one platform that will unite healthcare practitioners and bring them to one place where we can celebrate all the great things that have been done in the South African healthcare landscape.”

The team of adjudicators will include:

Health Department Nominations from the medical fraternity, business and the public at large are open until Monday, 21 October 2019, following which the adjudication process will commence.

How to submit a nomination:

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