To whom it may concern,

Clinix Health Academy published an advertisement for an intake of a Bridging Course. The

advertisement was published in good faith and unfortunately based on the misreading of the

SANC Circular 05/2019 dated 31 May 2019, on the special concession granted by SANC to

Nursing Education Institutions. The Bridging Course offered by Clinix Health Academy is the

Bridging Course R683 which we have since become aware is not part of the courses to

which the special concession applies.

As soon as management became aware of this error, we responded immediately by

retracting the advert and engaging with SANC in addressing the misunderstanding. Clinix

Health Academy will therefore not have an intake for the Bridging Course as advertised.

We would like to put it on record that Clinix Health Academy is an accredited and reputable

institution and will not intentionally mislead the public in any way.


Clinix Health Academy Principal

Wilma Bierman

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